Adult Ticket for the Price of a Child!

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For Arrivals from 9th January 2018 until 20th March 2018.
It's time to sparkle, as Disneyland® Paris celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Get an Adult Ticket at the Price of a Child Ticket1

Feel the magic like never before, a once in a lifetime experience that'll leave you starry-eyed and beaming for years to come.

There's so much to do when you visit!

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Choose the most suitable ticket depending on when you plan to visit!

Special offer Adult at Child Price pre-booked Tickets not available for purchase at the Disney® Parks entrance.

Valid for visits from 9th January 2018 until 20th March 2018. See conditions.

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Terms and Conditions
When is this offer valid for?
Special MINI PERIOD and MAGIC PERIOD 1 Day/ 1 Park and 1 Day / 2 Parks tickets are valid for a visit between 9th January until 20th March 2018.

(1) Adult / Child Special Offer MINI and MAGIC ticket for one-day visit valid from the 9th Jan 2018 until 20th March 2018 at the child price tickets.
Non refundable, non-exchangeable tickets. Cannot be cumulated with other special offers for new bookings only. Offer not available at the entrance of Disney® Parks. Maximum 6 Tickets per Reservation/Person.
If you wish to change the visit period after the purchase of your ticket, we can take care of this at the counters of the Disney® Parks' entrance on condition to pay the difference between the Special Ticket bought and the standard tickets usually sold at the gates of the Disney® Parks. This change is only possible during the validity period of this offer.

(2) Kids from 3 years old to 11 years old included. Free for kids under 3 years old.
The prices quoted have been calculated to reflect the economic conditions on December, 8th 2016 and may be revised in accordance with the current Disneyland Paris terms and conditions.