Affiliate Program

Earn Money with Us
All you need to do is highlight our brand and products through your web activity using the tools supplied by us. For example, if an internet user visits your website or clicks on your email and then buys something on, you'll receive commission.
How it Works

Creative Elements
We'll supply you with all the tools you need. These include:

Animated Banners
Banners with Integrated Booking Engines
Mailing Links
Text Links
Product Feeds
Please note that every communication template must be validated by us before you upload or send.

Our Commission Structure
A CPA-based commission, depending on the order value you generate monthly.
Please note, regarding the sales tracking, our cookies are available for 30 days.

How to Join

Just fill in the registration form at

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email with your ID, password and the activation link for your account. You will then have access to Tradedoubler services and our affiliate program.

If you have any questions regarding the program or specific editorial/graphics needs, please contact

Thank you for your support and welcome to the wonderful world of Disney.

General Conditions of the Disneyland® Paris Affiliate Program

Keyword Activities
This is strictly forbidden on our program. Disneyland® Paris uses a monitoring tool and will be able to identify publishers that do not comply. To avoid confusion, we ask that you set up Disneyland® Paris as a negative keyword in your SEM campaigns.

It is strictly forbidden to use links other than those set up on the Tradedoubler interface. If you deeplink to our booking engine, your sales will not be tracked.

Creative Policy/Guidelines
It is strictly forbidden to use Disney Characters in any particular communication template, such as pictures, banners or any other item. Moreover, an affiliate is not allowed to resize the creative materials Disneyland® Paris provides.